Neighbourhoods at a Glance: Downtown

Looking at the street names in this neighbourhood will give you clues to its rich history. Jarvis Street was named in honor of William Jarvis’ family, a previous provincial secretary in Upper Canada. Homewood Avenue was named after past Toronto mayor George Allan. Sherbourne Street was named after the Ridout family who settled in Toronto from Sherbourne, England.

The neighbourhood was born in the mid 1800’s when these families subdivided their estates. The Jarvis and Sherbourne Mansions set the tone for downtown, which up until the early 1900s, was known as Toronto’s most fashionable district.

Today, downtown residents come from countless different backgrounds and represent the whole socio-economic scale. There are many Toronto apartment rental accommodations, including many newly constructed condominiums, in this neighbourhood reflecting a highly mobile population.

The shopping opportunities are endless in this neighbourhood. Try Bloor Street for high end shopping, Church street for trendy boutiques, or Wellesley, Gerrard, Sherbourne and Charles Streets for daily retail shopping. Major shopping centers include the Eaton Center, Toronto’s largest indoor mall. You will find over three hundred stores here to keep you busy all day.

If you are looking for outdoor public parks, Allan Gardens is downtown’s largest. In this park, you will find the Allan Gardens Conservatory and a botanical garden featuring many shows year round.

Located at 150 Sherbourne Street you will find an indoor swimming pool, a gymnasium, a running track, weight room, cardio room, games room, woodworking and craft shops all inside the John Innes Community Center. Next door is the Moss Park arena featuring hockey leagues, free skating and hockey camps.

Getting Around:
If your Toronto apartment rental is Downtown, you will find bus services on Wellesley and Carleton connecting to the Sherbourne station reaching out to the Yonge-University-Spadina subway line. The bus service on Sherbourne connects to Sherbourne station reaching out to the Bloor-Danforth subway line. During rush hour you will find an express bus running on Jarvis Street.

(P) Church Street Jr., 83 Alexander St.,
(416) 393-1250
(P) Lord Dufferin Jr. & Sr., 303 Berkeley St.,
(416) 393-1760
(PH) Jarvis Collegiate Institute, 495 Jarvis St.,
(416) 393-0140
(CA) Our Lady of Lourdes, 444 Sherbourne St.,
(416) 393-5221

(PH) = Public High School
(CA) = Catholic School